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Indian Spice Box

Learn about all the spices you need to create an authentic Indian meal. 

Meal Prepping

Make Meal prepping easy and fun. I'm sharing tips and tricks which will make not only eating healthy easier, but save significant amount of time as well.

Revive Damaged Hair into Silky Tresses 

Learn what I did to strengthen my hair from brassy to glossy

My Secret to Glowing Skin and Battling Eczema

Growing up with eczema has been a constant battle with me struggling to keep my skin healthy, and after countless visits to the dermatolgist, I found success through changing my diet and lifestyle. 

Middle Eastern Spice Box

Get these spices if you want to recreate your favorite middle eastern meals.

Natural Cold Remedies for The Winter

I'm a big believer in natural medicine, and in this post I'm going to share remedies I swear by when I am under the weather.

My Favorite Kitchen 


In this post I'm going to be talking about 10 kitchen gadgets I can't live without.

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